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Our system staff offers a range of support services to educators to help them achieve their goals for a responsive,
meaningful and high quality child care program:

Billing services

Consultation with health and mental health specialists

Annual educator appreciation dinner, and

Website with links to early childhood professional resources.

CDA certification & NAFCC accreditation assistance

Monthly home visits by degreed early childhood professionals

On-site curriculum training; monthly evening workshops

Quarterly Saturday workshops; informational newsletter

Technical assistance


Rates of reimbursement for children under and over two years of age are determined by the MA Department of early Education and Care.


View answers to “Commonly Asked Questions”

View the latest training schedule

If you are a provider interested in learning more about the benefits of
joining the Cole-Harrington Family Childcare System, please contact
Inez Springer at (781) 821-4422, ext. 304 or download an application.