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What types of services does Cole-Harrington offer to support my work with children
and develop my professional skills?

The Family Child Care staff will conduct monthly home visits. Home visitors offer consultation and support to educators, conduct assessment of children with educators at least two times a year, and provide an opportunity for educators to discuss child care related concerns. Cole-Harrington staff will also conduct activities with the children. One of the visits each year may be unannounced. Staff are available by phone at the office Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. We offer free training workshops each year, one of which is a provider appreciation dinner. These trainings offer a forum where educators can meet, share common concerns, and acquire information and new skills. They are held at our convenient accessible locations at 605 Neponset Street in Canton and at our Plymouth office, 37 Industrial Park Rd. In addition, a resource library of articles is available to assist educators with any concerns or questions on education and childcare related topics.

What types of support does Cole-Harrington provide?

Early Childhood Specialists with a combination of backgrounds, including early education, special education and early intervention, conduct visits with educators. Cole-Harrington contracts with a child psychologist and a nurse practitioner for consultation services. Clinical social workers are on staff five days per week. The agency staff can address your concerns with them.

What types of services are available to children and families?

The Family Child Care Staff conducts a family intake at the child's home or at the Cole-Harrington office. Each family is assigned an early childhood specialist who assists you with completing an initial developmental screening and ongoing assessments at least two times a year. The Early Childhood Specialists are available to provide technical assistance to the educator and make referrals for additional child related services, e. g. Early Intervention, Head Start, Public School Special Needs Department, etc. Department of Children and Families clients receive monthly home visits from our clinical social workers who provide parent education, support and case management services.

What will my employment status be while working with the Family Child Care System?

All educators are considered independent contractors.

How will I be paid?

Checks are issued on the 15th and the 30th of each month, or on the first subsequent workday if the 15th or 30th are not workdays. "Direct Deposit" is strongly preferred. Please send us a voided personal check or account number and a “transit” number from your bank for deposit in a savings account.

Will I be paid if I am open and the child does not attend?

Yes, educators will be reimbursed for all Cole-Harrington child absences.

Am I responsible for keeping attendance records?

Yes, there are attendance call-in days. As required by our contract with The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), a written record of the children's attendance must be kept for your files. The agency will send two copies of attendance sheets for your review and signature. Please sign both, keep one for your records, and return one to our office immediately upon receipt.

If a parent has a question about a bill or any financial concerns, what do I tell them?

All parent’s financial issues should be directed to Sarah Worton, Financial Coordinator, at 781-821-4422, ext. 302.

Am I required to have liability insurance for my Child Care program?

Yes. We require a current coversheet of your liability insurance during the application process and prior to its annual expiration date.

Will I be reimbursed for legal holidays?

Yes, educators will be reimbursed for all Cole-Harrington clients for legal holidays. Please see the Holiday Program closures sheet or Holiday Program closures.

Will Cole-Harrington provide me with any equipment, toys, or supplies?

When available, you may borrow playpens, strollers, big books, educational toys, and gross motor equipment to be used in your home when you have children placed through our agency. Additionally monthly articles and information is shared during visits with educators on relevant topics.

Does Cole-Harrington provide me with any health care supplies?

Yes, we provide disposable gloves and paper towels monthly.

Does Cole-Harrington support me with applying for state grants?

Yes, our Early Childhood Specialists offer support with participation in state grants

Do I need to be involved in QRIS to join the system?

Yes. All educators who receive state reimbursements for subsidized childcare must participate
in the MA QRIS, and be at a Level 1. Cole-Harrington staff will support you with QRIS advancement.


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